Are you always the one standing and waiting for your loved one to turn up at the venue? Do you miss the beginning of every movie that both of you plan to see as he can never reach in time? These are some of the frustrations that are common among couples. Often, either one in a couple usually is worse at time keeping. They are unable to keep the timeline for the dates and meetings which can frustrate and disappoint the other continuously.

Stop nagging him
Most women get angry, nag and plead with their partners who are always late. Even if he is always late, pleading or nagging him all the time might not be a great way to motivate him to come on time next time. Many turn a cold shoulder towards their partner. This often works as guys do not want the evening to go cold just because they got in late. Eventually the message gets across to them if they cannot stand their partners turning cold towards them. There is always a guilt feeling of being late that lies inside the guy’s mind and this needs to be tapped accordingly.

Get even
When no matter how many times you tell him that she is always late does not seem to get through to him, turn the tables on him and let him realize how it feels to be the one waiting. You could also play the game of hide and seek and turn up at the venue on time, but stay out of eyesight, checking on him to see whether he is getting worked up as time passes by. You could then turn up and see his indignant expression on your late arrival.

Sit and talk it through
Often arguments and quarrels lead nowhere and only sour a relationship. If a guy is consistently late all the time and refuses to take responsibility for turning up on time, it might be a sign that he takes the relationship casually. Talk it out with him and see whether he changes his ways. If he remains the same, it might be time to take a different view of the time management for couples. Some men jolt back to their responsible selves when they realize that their partner is about to leave them.

Offer him the perks for being on time
Give him playful “bonuses” every time he is on time, which will motivate him to repeat the performance every time. These are fun ways to ensure that your guy knows what you like in him and why he should keep up these acts or habits more and more. These trials also help a couple to understand each other better in time.